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Thursday, April 24th, 2008
9:58 pm - What, I have an IJ account?
Man, I keep forgetting about this thing. Anywho, here's the post from LJ:

Well, it's about time I got off my ass and wrote something. I swear, the more time I have to write, the more I manage to distract myself. I'm such a horrible person. Anyway, the link is below for the chapter as I've decided to be a little more... clearer with fiction links.

Title: For Nothing, For Everything - chapter fifteen
Pairings: SeiferxSquall
Chapter Summary: Seifer fights, then it's time to go home.
Lovely betas: Griffin and Jess Almasy
Series notes: Only 2 or 3 chapters remaining... if the muses obey.
Word Count: 17,191

'Game Restart:NP' has been calling to me, so I'll work on another chapter of that before returning to FNFE. Cross your fingers that I stop being such a lazy bum.

At least I've decided to not do the Yaoi Con fiction contest this year. Frankly, I hate the prompts since they mostly seem to point toward the cheating type of fiction that I despise: A) Absolution (aka, forgive me for cheating on you), B) Bad timing (aka, you weren't supposed to see me fucking someone else), C) Countdown (aka, when can I get rid of you to fuck my other boyfriend hiding in the closet), D) Declarations (aka, I'm cheating on you!), and E) Elephant in the room (aka, we're not talking about how you're cheating on me). ...Okay, so they probably aren't that bad, but I don't see anything inspiring about these prompts, thus I'm not touching them in favor of something more satisfying. If an anthology was still around, I'd be tempted to do that since it's looser rules, but whatever.

In other news, Avalanche are going to Round 2 Playoffs! Yes, I'm very happy about this since playoff hockey is highly amusing, so it's good to see my boys going further into the series. And while the Red Wings should tromp us, it'll still be good playoff hockey to watch... I hope. =P And hey, we just scored our first point against the Red Wings in three games. Maybe there is hope... Ha, I say as the score is now 1 - 4, red Wings.

In more important news, it's been a month since I quit my job and I'm not losing any sleep over the decision. A friend went back as a temp and he's doing all of the development work I would've done, but while he's doing only that work, I would have been expected to do both that and regular lab work while getting zero extra credit for the work. Nope, it wasn't worth my mental distress to stay there. So while job hunting, I've spent a week with my parents in Reno, seen a lot of hockey, and finally got my landscaping done that I've wanted to do for about a year. Oh, and I've been playing a lot of DDR to prevent my lazy ass from getting too big. ;) Nothing too eventful, but I'm proud of myself from not sleeping away my entire days, which I was afraid I would start to do.

So, while staying with my parents, I ended up watching 'Dancing with the Stars' because my mother loves the show. I have to say that the Tuesday encore dance of the 'Man-go' was highly amusing. In short, Steve Guttenberg's partner got sick during the week, so her husband filled in for her and danced the female part to help train Steve. The judges found the clip of this hilarious and decided that they should perform it in front of the live audience. Oh lordy, Jonathan's eyebrow wiggle at the very beginning of their dance cracks me up every single fucking time. XD

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Saturday, January 19th, 2008
5:48 pm - Something a little bit different
Be prepared for the impossible - I wrote a one-shot for a different fandom. It's an AU fic for the Midnighter and Apollo pairing, so it doesn't require knowledge of the pairing, but it certainly helps to better understand what I've done with the characters. Also, this fic is a little... different than my typical writing to the point that I'm actually a bit embarrassed to even think about posting this thing. I blame Midnighter for invading my mind. Anywho, here it is - Sunlight, Marble, and Glass'. BTW, thank you so much to my betas, Jess Almasy and Smgriffin, for reading through this thing and making me feel a little less self-conscious about posting it.

This fic is a result of Vejiicakes and Dee tricking me into reading The Authority and its associated comics, thus exposing me to Midnighter and Apollo. It didn't help that I was encouraged by Vejiicakes's awesome fanart and Dee's highly addicting fanfiction. I just hope that they don't laugh at me too hard for actually writing this AU. ;)

In addition to the ficcage, I have a lovely 'doodle' that Vejiicakes sent me for Christmas. Really, I was expecting a quick little thing and got this one in the mail. I'm so spoiled!

So, I'm planning to work on the next chapter of 'Game Restart: New Platform' for the next update. I have about half written, and then stopped just before a stupid fighting scene. I really hate writing action scenes... which leaves me to wonder why the hell I'm attracted to characters that really like fighting and fucking. Must be those masochistic tendencies coming out.

Anywho, I will be working on the chapter once work stabilizes. My shift has been changed for the fourth time in three months, and this latest change left me with one day off in nine days. Oh, and I didn't know about the change until two weeks ago. Our entire group is rather pissed off by the utter lack of communication we have been getting from our managers. Better yet - my direct manager actually seems confused about why we are so upset. Idiot. I have a couple of vacation days I'm taking next week and he has already mentioned that I could switch days with someone, to which I replied that I'd rather have a vacation. He made it seem like a novel idea that I would want to have those days off and not work make-up days. I'm going to be upset if I'm forced to switch shifts.

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Tuesday, December 25th, 2007
3:57 pm - Happy Holidays!
Yeesh, talk about a white Christmas - it's being snowing since I've been awake, so about eight hours now. Thank goodness for snow blowers. =P

Anyway, Ruth left me a lovely present under the tree - a 'poster' of Squall for Seifer to stare at on his way home from work... or so the idea goes. ;) With those eyes, it's no wonder Seifer is constantly entranced by the beauty.

On a similar note, some of you may have noticed that I took down one of Ruth's pictures - the God of Fire picture of Squall from FNFE. She was asked to remove it from Deviant Art due to copyright constraints with her using the Ifrit picture in the background direct from FFVIII. From that, she asked me to remove it from my site as well. But never fear - Ruth mentioned redoing the picture with her own drawing of Ifrit, so it will be back in time.

Happy Holidays to everyone and here's to the start of a new year. Can't be much worse than the last one.

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3:53 pm - Starting the fad of backing up LJ
Since so many other people are doing it, I'm starting to back up my LJ journal entries, just incase something 'interesting' happens over there. So, the post from Dec 22, 2007:

An early Christmas present for you all (or as I just realized, a present in celebration of Seifer's Birthday) - 'Game Restart- New Platform' chapter 1. Yes, this is the 'Game Restart' sequel that I started as a part of the Nano experience. I didn't get far, but hey, I think something fun has started here and I hope people will enjoy the story. As a note though, it's been a year since I've played Kingdom Hearts 2, so I hope I didn't get too much wrong with my details compared to the game.

No clue about what will be coming next from me. I'm attempting an AU fic from a different fandom, so we'll see if I royally mess that up or if I write something I don't fear to post. I also have part of GR:NP chapter 2 written from Nano, so it shouldn't be too bad to finish up that chapter... in theory. That's not to mention the 'Complicated' muses sticking around. We'll see which muses win the battle for my fickle interests. ^^;

So yeah, nothing exciting happening. Work still sucks, but since I've taken an apathetic interest in work, it has become bearable. Basically, I'll tell my manager why he's wrong, and when he discards my information, I have the 'I told you so' defense without getting in trouble by pushing him.

Christmas is going to be a quiet one. My best friends are stuck in Texas given the overload on flights back to Colorado, I haven't heard a word from my sister in almost a year, and I didn't know I'd have a free week until ticket prices to visit my family went up $100. Yeah, waiting to see my parents until January for a more reasonable price. Ah well, I'm not a big holiday person anyway, so it's nothing too terrible. I'm happy to have the time off.

Well, Happy Holidays and I hope everyone makes the best of the next couple of weeks!

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